Volvik is aiming to enter the brand of the world TOP3.
Volvik, world’s TOP3 provider of the golf ball manufacture, established R&D center in 1989 and started R&D with the purpose of making world’s best quality golf balls.
As a result of the R&D, Volvik developed 3-piece golf ball, for the first time in the world and at the same time, Volvik established golf ball manufacturing factory in Umsung, Chung-chung buk do.
Starting from 1997, Volvik used brand name ‘Volvik’.
Golf ball “Bismuth” is the product with the initial technology and is still loved by a lot of golfers and is our steady seller.
Also, recently a lot of golfers love golf ball “Volvik Crystal” because of the unique characteristics and colors of the ball and it became a No.1 color golf ball in golf ball industry.
After president Moon took over the company in 2009, Volvik showed impressive growth and will achieve the goal of getting 50% of the market share in the near future.
Volvik stays hungry and continue doing their R&D with the goal of getting into TOP3 golf ball brand.
World market, 3PC, 4PC and other premium ball game in the future. Make the best products
From the beginning of the business, Volvik only produced golf balls for tournaments. Furthermore, Volvik obtained more than 40 international and domestic patents by putting a lot of efforts on their R&D.
Moreover, Volvik also produces various kinds of balls such as balls for players, distance, women, and color ball to fulfill customer’s preference. As described above, Volvik is Korea’s No.1 golf ball manufacture.
Volvik released 3-piece golf ball and 4-piece golf ball in 1992 and 1997 respectively.
This multi-layer technology is 5 to 10 years earlier than Company T’s Pro series.
Also, with the accumulation of the technology for long period time, Volvik won a complete success both in domestic and international market.Volvik will compete only with 3-piece and 4-piece golf ball in the global market and will achieve a goal of getting strong position in golf ball industry.
Volvik to see LPGA, PGA, 2016 Olympic champion in such a world would be.
Starting from 2010, Volvik really put their effort on their marketing on the purpose of getting strong brand position. To achieve their goal, Volvik founded professional golf team and the team includes golfers from PGA, LPGA, KPGA and KLPGA who can help with promotions of the Volvik brand.
Furthermore, Volvik holds a lot of golf contests, such as KLPGA dream tour, KPGA champions’ tour, junior golf contest and contests for the university students on the purpose of getting strong brand position in the industry as well as broadcast the superiority of the Volvik’s products.
Consequently, golfer who used Volvik’s golf ball won the title in domestic contests and LPGA contests as well. We strongly believe that, there will be a champion in PGA tour who uses Volvik’s golf ball in the near future.