Greeting from CEO

Volvik has established itself as the No. 1 most popular color ball manufacturer.
This is


No.1 brand.
Volvik, a Korean brand, is taking a leap forward to become
Korea's leading global golf equipment company.

Hello, this is Seung-seok Hong, CEO of Volvik Inc.

Volvik is a Korean golf equipment manufacturer that boasts innovative research and development, aggressive marketing, and management of a golf team consisting of excellent players.


VOLVIK, which is proud of being Korea's leading golf equipment brand,
seeks to build a foundation as a total sports brand
based on the production of world-class golf balls and golf products.

With Korea's best R&D technology, VOLVIK has developed a multi-layer structure golf ball 10 years ahead of
other product companies and launched products that meet the needs of various consumers, with the pride of
'Made in Korea' and contributing to the development of the national economy and the growth of the golf industry.

In addition, since 2009, under the catchphrase‘No. 1 Color Ball Volvik’, through
thorough quality management and innovative management structure improvement,
we have grown into a golf ball manufacturer recognized in the global market.

Our goal is to grow into a global sports brand based on the core competencies we have built so far and aim to be reborn from ‘No. 1 Color Ball Volvik’ to ‘No. 1 Golf Ball Volvik.’

Global Recognition

Through Thorough Innovation

Global Brand

Through Active Response

As part of achieving our goal, we established U.S. corporation to target the United States,
which has the world's largest golf industry. Since then, we have made efforts to promote the excellence of Korean golf products
around the world through distributor agreements with Japan, Australia, France, etc.

In addition, we aim to become Korea's leading global golf equipment company through
all-round and active marketing, including player sponsorship and hosting various global competitions.

At the same time, Volvik will further strengthen its activities for the development of the golf industry,
such as expanding support for promising players and amateur golfers who will develop world golf, and
discovering and sponsoring talented players.

If we do our best to achieve our goal without losing our original intention,
we are confident that Volvik will no longer be a golf ball specialized brand but a total golf brand.