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“VOLVIK”is proud of being Korea’s
leading golf equipment brand and is building the
foundation for becoming
a total sports brand based on the
production of world class golf balls and golf equipment.

We started exporting to the United States, Japan, and
South Africa in 2008.
After establishing Volvik USA in 2012,
we signed a worldwide
distribution contract and have
now entered over 60 countries, promoting the excellence of
K-Golf to the world.


We are leaping forward as Korea's leading global golf equipment company by supplying ball lineups such as CONDOR, VIVID, COMBI Series, and PRISM Series, as well as special packs and seasonal sets for each country.



‘PGA Merchandise Show’,
the world’s largest golf equipment exhibition

Volvik has graced the stage of the PGA Merchandise Show for nine consecutive years, from 2012 to 2020, and in 2024, it made history as the first Korean golf equipment company to participate for the tenth time.

Through these endeavors, Volvik has annually introduced its innovative products to the global stage, with the 'Vivid Series' in particular captivating immense popularity both domestically and internationally.

In 2024, Volvik showcased groundbreaking offerings to the global market, including the 'Condor,' a urethane golf ball featuring the world's first application of white carbon material, alongside domestically acclaimed products like the 'Vivid Combi,' 'Crystal Combi,' and 'Vista3 Prism 360.' Volvik remains committed to participating in the PGA Merchandise Show to promote the excellence of K-Golf worldwide, intending to expand the global market with innovative products that capture global attention.

‘LPGA’, the dream stage of female golfers
around the world

In 2021, Volvik held the ‘LPGA Drive On Championship Presented by Volvik’.

Volvik is the only golf brand to participate as a presenting sponsor in the LPGA, the world's best women's golf

tournament, raising the status of the K-Golf Brand.

Just as the name of the competition, ‘Drive On’, means ‘moving forward,’ Volvik hopes that players will

demonstrate their infinite capabilities and potential even in difficult situations,

and hopes that this message of hope will spread to golf fans around the world.

‘World Long Drive Championship’

The distance alone is around 400 yards! The ‘WLD Championship’ is a competition where the world’s long-distance golf hitters gather.

Volvik created a Korean Wave in golf around the world by serving as the official ball and official title sponsor from
2016 to 2019 for the WLD Championship, where competition is based solely on power and distance.

Global IP
‘Disney & Marvel’

Volvik has been collaborating with Disney Korea since 2016 to unveil a variety of collaborative golf products. Adorned with the artwork of Disney & Marvel characters, Volvik products have gained significant attention not only from the domestic MZ generation but also internationally for their unique designs. These collaborative products have garnered praise even in Disney's homeland, the United States, driving Volvik's sales growth.

Recently, Volvik has been in the process of a new collaboration with Disney, utilizing its innovative technology to commemorate Disney's 100th anniversary.

This collaboration aims to bring new joy to golfers worldwide, with a set collection featuring Disney characters appearing on golf balls and ball markers.

American Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Volvik is creating a better future through cooperation with the American Breast Cancer Research Foundation ‘BCRF’

Volvik will work with BCRF to help people suffering from breast cancer and related diseases.

‘Volvik’, catching
the eye of global media!

Revealing a distinct presence within the world golf market, Volvik!

In light of this, golf-specialized global media has been covering news about Volvik, demonstrating its formidable global influence.

Introducing Volvik, the focus of attention for golf-specialized global media.

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